Kosher wedding rings


A marriage ceremony in Judaism is one of the most binding events. The ceremony itself is full of laws and symbols and strict laws apply to it. Every couple who aspires to marry according to the law of Moses and Israel must adhere to these regulations and of course there is great supervision that ensures the proper functioning of the ceremony.
One of the most prominent and significant symbols is the ring that is traditionally given by men to women and secular modern society, as well as certain factions in religious and even anxious society. It is accepted that the woman also rewards him. When choosing to choose wedding rings there are a number of important things to consider to ensure the kashrut rings.
The ring as a symbol
Judaism sees the ring as an important symbol of value and the status of the exchange of rings is considered sacred and most significant in the relationship between Jewish spouses. Giving the ring to the bride stems from the custom of sending gifts to the bride while she is celebrating engagement. It should be noted that this event is held so that the gift will not be perceived as the marriage itself and it will be clear to both sides that the purpose of the union is not material but emotional and spiritual.
Regulations regarding the shape of the ring
The principle that guides the choice of the ring is that the bride knows exactly what her kit is and will not think that the ring is more expensive than the one she receives. Halakha states that the ring must be simple and smooth without significant engravings and foliage and is made of only one material. This material should not necessarily be gold, but one must be sure that it is not coated with any material other than what it is really made of. The diameter of the ring should be medium between 1 and 3 millimeters. The question of placing jewels in a ring is controversial in Jewish law, and there are schools that permit it and schools of thought forbid it. Schools that permit the addition of stones require that the bridegroom inform the bride about the value.
Payment for the ring
The groom must purchase the ring from his own money and pay at least one cent in cash. Cash payment is intended to ensure that the ring will indeed be purchased in full and that the check or credit will not be returned to the buyer. It is very important that the groom be the one who will purchase the ring from his own money because in giving the ring to the woman he actually turns it into his property.