Finger size

The degree of finger

Not every day we gain new piece, and certainly not when it comes to diamond ring cost is probably lower. Buying a ring is more complex than choosing necklace, earrings or even a bracelet. Before buying, you must know exactly how to measure it and be sure it is adjusted optimally finger.

Measuring ring on finger

Far be surprised to know, but the size of fingers in the left hand, is not the same as the size of the right hand fingers. That is, was and wanted to buy a ring to validate your left hand, it should be measured precisely on this finger, and middle finger of the right hand. Often the differences are negligible, but there are also cases in which it is the difference of degree. And if the ring will not be matched optimally finger, then there may be two scenarios: either ring the large hands and loose, so that it might fall finger, or it will be too tight and will create pressure on the finger.

Finding the right ring with a diameter

Every jewelry store there is a self-respecting bar with a set of rings, of course they are not real. Every customer who wants to buy a ring you can measure the diameter of the middle finger rings set. After the measurement of several rings, finally find the desired size.

Numbers Rings?

There are different methods to measure finger sizes. In one method, measurements range from 5 to 9.5. And there is another method whereby the dimensions range from 54 up to 58. Every jewelry store is measured by a different method, but preferably both customer will be aware of both measurement methods.

Several different parameters for finding the right ring size

As mentioned above, the fingers of the right and left fingers are not the same. When measuring ring, preferably Shahid will not be cold or warm my hands, my hands. It is very important to measure the ring on the thickest part of the finger. Finally, the ring is measured at room temperature.

Measuring with thread

Can measure the finger using a wire. The comprehensive wire around your finger and mark it. Later, using a ruler, check the length. There are tables through which you can know the extent of the ring according to wire length measurement.