Diamond purchase tips

Diamond purchase tips by D I A M K A

Certainly, a jewel set with precious stones, such as a diamond, can be among the most expensive items you have purchased during your life, whether it is an engagement ring, or a beloved spouse's ring or even a woman who buys jewelry to pamper herself. Choosing a diamond ring is not easy, because it has many features, which can also estimate its cost. Information that seems complicated to those who do not understand the topic.

What are the features that diamond measures?

There is not one diamond that resembles another. They differ in their weight, cleanliness, cutting and color.

Color - The diamond value is determined, among other things, by its color. The diamond that is removed from the earth comes in different colors. Even in shades of white, the yellow to white, the most white is called the D color scale and decreases in color to yellow to Z. Diamond D is the most white and expensive while Diamond Z, is yellow and cheap. (There are yellow diamonds that do not appear in these scale in tulip diamonds and are called caler lantern diamonds and are considered more expensive than yellow habits). Gemologists check the value of diamonds according to their level of clarity, how dark they are, and how deep the color is. But this is not recognizable when it comes to jeweled diamonds. That is why we usually introduce the diamond to the customer separately and compare the various parameters with a detailed explanation, and only then adjust a ring from the stock or build a 3D model.

Clarity - The diamond stones have different types of defects. The level of cleanliness of the diamond is also the one that determines its value. A high degree of cleanliness raises the price of the diamond. Diamond cleaning also has a scale with dimensions.

Cutting - There are ideal dimensions for diamond cutting, which affects its glitter level. The more the diamond is cut at angles close to the ideal cut, the higher the sparkle. The rays of light that penetrate into it damage his pastas and are thrown back out, causing a sparkle. At low cutting levels the light rays are not thrown back in other directions, the cutting / polishing level is determined by parameters of proportions, depth, symmetry and polishing.

Weight - To determine the value of the diamond, it must be considered. The larger it is, the higher its monetary value will be. Weight is determined by carat and by points, with one carat being equal to 100 points. In ancient times, carob seeds were used as a weight unit for precious stones, 4 carbohydrate seeds worth of carats, these seeds were called in Greek kratu, which is why the unit known to us today as karat, is equivalent to 200 milligrams, which is 0.2 grams.

Gemological certificate and insurance. When purchasing a diamond inlaid jewelry, the seller must require a gemological certificate or an assessment certificate, which can tell you what the diamond data is. In addition, the jewelry can be insured in the insurance companies, all the certificates we provide to the customer are recognized in the insurance companies and the jewelry can be insured with loss or theft. There are policies such as apartment insurance or contents where there is an item included in the cost of jewelry insurance, it is advisable to consult with an insurance agent on the subject.

When meeting with us for a piece of jewelry we explain to the customer everything he needs to know about diamonds and present him with all the options, making it easier for him to make a purchase with full knowledge and confidence. We invite you to a personal meeting without obligation and we will be happy to assist you with any questions.