5 Gift Ideas For Mom

There is only one mother. The one who does everything for us. Who took care of us. Gave us warmth and love. The center of the house. And we would like to give her something special this year. To make her happy and show her how much we love and appreciate everything. There are lots of gift ideas for mom, but the best one to stay with forever is a gold jewelry set with diamonds, besides which we rust or blacken, preserving its monetary value. And it is important that it be tailored to her personally.

  1. Boy or girl pendant

By number of children or grandchildren. Son or daughter. This is the most recommended piece of jewelry as a gift for Mother's Day or a new mom. You can engrave on the back with a laser the date or name of the children or grandchildren (a large selection of fonts in English or Hebrew), and make the jewelry a personal gift. Comes set with diamonds and gems of choice or just gold. When there is more than one pendant it is recommended to add a bead or separation tube.

2. Baby feet pendant

The birth of a child is always a magical moment. To this special occasion your birth presents should be unique and creative gift. Our suggestion is a sweet baby feet pendant. it comes with a small diamond on the finger and Laser Engraving of the baby name.

3. Mom pendant

Comes in several options, written lengthwise or widthwise. In Hebrew or English. Fixed soldered chain to the pendant. And set with diamonds.

4. Personalized jewelry with a name.

In today's advanced technology we produce for the customer a model in 3D software for custom jewelry at no extra cost and after its approval the model is printed and cast in gold (see article on personal design), compared to the expensive cost of the initial model manufacturing process. him.

5. Diamonds bracelet.

צמיד יהלומים הוא המתנה המושלמת לכל אירוע. מגיע בשלל גדלים, סגנונות, ועיצובים. קשיח, גמיש, עם קפיץ, עם תליוני צ'ארם מעוצבים אישית, ועוד.