Gemological certificate

Gemological certificate

In this article, you can read about a gemological certificate, what it means, why it is so important when purchasing a diamond jewelry, and why the name of the gemological laboratory is very important when choosing a jewelry.

Diamonds are not purchased every day. The diamond is not only spectacular in its beauty, it is among the most precious and prestigious stones. When purchasing diamond jewelry, the seller must be required to have a gemological certificate.

The gemstone is a precious stone and the gemological certificate is a kind of identity card. This is a type of document that characterizes diamonds, all according to laboratory tests conducted in gemological laboratories. As a result, a gemological certificate will determine the commercial value of the diamond. The tests performed in the laboratory are very meticulous and are conducted according to standard and accepted standards all over the world. Upon completion of the examination of the stone, a report is issued that characterizes it with regard to its color, cleanliness, lightning, symmetry and other parameters.

The importance of a gemological certificate

When purchasing a diamond jewel, it is very important to demand a gemological certificate of this precious stone. The certificate, is the one that determines the value of the diamond and its value. The tests carried out in the gemological laboratories are carried out by objective parties without interest. Through the certificate it is possible to estimate the value of the diamond both in the present and in the future. It is important to know that these days you can find jewelry stores that are actually imitation of the diamond, and anyone who is not professional and has no experience in the field did not know what is really a real diamond. But if a gemological certificate is presented alongside the stone, it is proof that the diamond is real. The certificate serves as a guarantee regarding the authenticity of the stone. Also, the certificate contains the specification of the diamond.

What are the differences between the different diamonds?

There is not one diamond similar to another, each of them has different and different properties. They differ in size, weight, color, level of cleanliness and clarity. Large stones that are characterized by a high level of cleanliness will have a higher monetary value. When you approach a store and are interested in purchasing a diamond jewel, using the gemological certificate, you know exactly what you buy. This certificate does not allow for errors.

Check the certificate

There are quite a few gemologists around the world. However, as in any other field, there are some who are better and more reliable, and there are fewer. When purchasing a jewelry made of diamond stones, it must be ensured that the gemological certificate was issued from a recognized and renowned laboratory, such that the quality of its scientific tests can not be doubted. There are several labs with oil in front of them and you can rely on them with your eyes closed. There is also supervision of these laboratories and the ranking they give to diamonds. The main laboratories are: HRD, AGS, EGL, IGI, GIA and IGL.