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1. The purpose of the articles is to regulate the relationship between the user and the company, and constitutes the legal basis for the agreement between the parties.

2. Purchase through the Site is subject to the reading of these Terms and the agreement to all the provisions and terms of these Articles. Any such person shall not be liable to him or anyone acting on his behalf for any claim and / or demand and / or claim against the Site and / or the Company and / or the Company's management and / or any of its employees with respect to the provisions and terms of these Articles.

3. The Company reserves the right to make changes to the Articles of Association at its sole discretion and without the need to give notice and / or prior notice.

4. Prices of products on the site do not include VAT. All prices on the site refer to one unit of the product except for earrings where the prices refer to the couple. If this is one earring, it will be clearly stated on the product page.

5. The Company's computer records regarding the actions taken through the site will constitute prima facie evidence of the correctness of the actions.

6. The prices displayed on the site on the products and denominated in New Israeli Shekels. Prices include VAT. Free shipping.

7. The Company may update the prices of the Products and the Shipping Rates from time to time and at its sole discretion without the need for prior notice and / or notice. The price valid for the order is the price that was stated at the time of completion of the order process, ie, after the payment details were submitted. If prices are updated prior to completion of the order process, the customer will be charged according to the updated price.

8. The Company may offer promotions and discounts on the Website and may terminate them at any time, replace them or change them without the need to give notice and / or advance notice.

9. When registering for the site, the customer is offered the opportunity to register for the official mailing of the site. The registration constitutes an explicit consent to receive mailing according to its meaning in the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasts), 1982. If the customer wishes to remove himself from the mailing after registration, this can be done via the link at the bottom of the mailing received.

10. The Company reserves the right to send the customer reminders about a shopping basket where the purchase was not completed at the email address that was ordered during the registration process.

11. The Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be responsible and shall not bear any direct or indirect damage caused to the User and / or Customer and / or a third party as a result of using and / or purchasing the Site, not in accordance with the provisions of these Articles, Reserves the right to cancel the specific purchase by written notice of the transaction.

12. The pictures of the products on the site are for illustration purposes only. The photographs on the site describe as accurately as possible the products, but there may be differences between the image on the site and the actual product. The company does its best to present the products in a way that reflects reality as much as possible.

13. The information presented on the Site is as complete and accurate as possible but it is hereby clarified that if any errors are made, they were made in good faith and the Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever arising out of or relating to them.

14. Some of the jewelry comes with a gemological certificate from the IGL laboratory. An external laboratory located on the Diamond Exchange. The findings of the jewelry are carefully measured according to the laboratory conditions.



1. Purchase on the site will be possible in two ways - an invitation as a guest or through registration to the site.

2. In the two ways listed above, it is necessary to fill in an order form and enter all the details accurately. If incorrect details are entered, the company can not guarantee that the products will reach their destination. In case of return of the shipment to the company due to erroneous details, payment of shipping and handling fees will be applied to the customer.

3. Payment method: Credit cards - Isracard, Visa, American Express, PayPal or bank transfer.

4. Upon execution of the order by the customer, the Company will perform an examination of the credit details and upon receipt of the purchase confirmation, the customer will be notified, by email, that the transaction has indeed been approved. Payment via PayPal The purchase will be completed after receipt of approval from PayPal and upon receipt of the confirmation, the customer will be notified by e-mail that the transaction has been approved.

5. If the transaction is not approved by the credit card company or PayPal, for any reason, the customer will be notified by e-mail that the transaction has not been completed. In order to complete the order, the customer will be asked to provide another form of payment. Alternatively, you can contact us by email or phone to complete the transaction.

6. The Company may not approve a customer's order in the following cases: The terms of the agreement or the terms of one of the binding documents on the Site have been breached; Deliberately delivered wrong details at the time of booking; There is a financial debt to the Company that has not yet been settled; The use of the site is done in order to carry out an act that is deemed illegal under the laws of the State of Israel or is done in order to assist in the execution of an act that is deemed illegal under the laws of the State of Israel; If an act or omission has been committed in order to harm the Company and / or its employees and / or its customers.



1. Shipments in Israel are sent by courier to the customer's home, and include insurance in the jewel's worth and tracking number.
Delivery times depend solely on the shipping company and not on our responsibility.

Express delivery in express companies is extra charge.

Delivery times for jewelry vary from item to item and will be given exactly when ordering.

If available, the delivery company will be given up to 3 business days.

If not in stock, it will be delivered to the shipping company between two and three weeks.

International shipments in certain cases are subject to customs duties and will be paid by the customer.

2. Out of stock - there may be cases where at the time of placing the order the product is displayed on the site as a product in stock when in fact out of stock and not yet downloaded from the site. In such cases, the Company is not obligated to sell the Product and the Customer shall have no claim and / or claim in this matter in respect of any type of damage, direct or indirect, caused to the Customer and / or to a third party. This, of course, is subject to the Company refunding to the customer any amount paid for the product, if paid, or will cancel the charge if it is executed.

3. Notice of a product that is out of stock - If an order has been made for a product that is out of stock before being updated on the company's website, it will notify the customer by e-mail at the address given by him at the time of registration. The company will contact the customer to make a refund or exchange Of the product in another product.

4. The Company will not be liable for delays in the supply of products as a result of events that are beyond its control, such as strikes, natural disasters, emergency situations, malfunctions in the computer system and / or telephones and / or the electronic mail system.


Cancellation of Transaction and Return Policy:

1. The provisions of this section are subject to the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1982 (hereinafter: "the Consumer Protection Law").

2. Cancellation of a transaction shall be done by contacting the customer service
 Mail or telephone

3. Cancellation of a transaction will be made in cases where the price of the jewel is less than NIS 3,000 and no later than two weeks from the moment of purchase. Custom made jewelry is non-refundable.

4. A credit as stated above shall be made in cases where the product was received at the Company's offices without fault and when no use was made of it. The Company has sole discretion in determining whether the Product is used.

5. Cancellation of a transaction by the customer will be carried out within two business days, as stipulated in the Consumer Protection Law.

6. Cancellation of a transaction and a monetary credit shall not be granted in cases of unreasonable use of the product.


Privacy and Information Security:

 1. The personal information that will be provided by the Registrant (hereinafter: "the Registrant") will be subject to the privacy policy of Bunker Diamonds and Jewelry Company ("the Company"):

2. The Company shall not deliver the particulars of the Registrant, except in any of the following cases: (a) if it is required to do so by judicial order or by law; (B) If it receives an alert to take legal action against it in respect of actions performed by the Registrant and in any dispute, claim, claim, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between the Registrant and the Company; (C) If the company organizes its activities within another entity - and in the event that it merges with another body or merges its activities with the activities of another entity - the company will be entitled to transfer the particulars of the registrant to the other body, provided that the other body accepts the provisions of the privacy policy (D) If a claim is raised or raised by the Company, the suspect is suspected of having committed an act and / or omission that harms and / or is liable to harm the Company and / or anyone on its behalf and / or any third parties. (F) A suspicion that the registrant used it for the purpose of carrying out an illegal act and / or to facilitate, facilitate, and / or encourage the execution of such an act; (G) If and to the extent required for the Company's activities, such as the transfer of details to employees, subcontractors and other entities that are partners or involved in the operation of the Company's marketing activity. The Registrants shall have no claim or demand against the Company in connection with the delivery of their particulars as aforesaid and they hereby waive any such claim and / or claim.

3. Filling in the registration form constitutes the registrant's consent that the particulars of his registrant and any data that will be obtained on the basis of analysis of these details and any information about him that reached and / or will reach the company's knowledge will be held in one or more databases of a company or anyone acting on its behalf, (Including in writing, in print, telephone, text message, facsimile, computer or other means); (a) for the purposes of marketing, advertising, promotion and sales; (B) for the purpose of encouraging loyalty, analysis and statistical research, conducting surveys and any other online use in connection with a marketing subject; (C) for internal needs, such as the need to investigate complaints and / or audits; And (d) for the purpose of mailing marketing and advertising material, including through a cookie, the use of the particulars of the registrant shall not be considered an infringement of privacy. It is further agreed that such information shall be deemed to be the property of the Company and the Registrar hereby waives any claim in respect of the use and / or ownership of such information, including waiver of any claim under the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981. The Company shall not be considered a breach of a privacy undertaking or infringing on user privacy Due to any information, as defined in the Computers Law, 5755-1995, which may identify a user or be tracked by another person, and which derives from the use of electronic means of communication in general and computer communications in particular.

The Registrant hereby expressly consents to the use of the foregoing in the particulars he has filled out and confirms that their use will not be considered an infringement of privacy and will not entitle him to any remedy and / Or any compensation.

5. Subscribers who object to the use of their details or who wish to remove themselves from the company's registered database or who wish not to receive requests by direct mail will notify the Company in writing on the Company's website or through the removal mechanism found in any mailing, in which case the Company will act in accordance with the instructions given to it.

6. The Company shall make access to information available only to those employees who require information for the purpose of providing service.

7. The Company takes the usual precautionary measures in order to preserve, to the extent possible, the confidentiality of the information. However, in cases that are not under its control and / or arising from force majeure, the Company shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever, indirect or direct, that will be caused to the registrant and / or anyone on its behalf with this information will be lost or if it is used in unauthorized use.