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DIAMKA is a company established by second generation jewelry manufacturers, with a reputation of over 50 years in the field. Our company specializes in manufacturing jewelry for private customers, members of the Diamond Exchange and various stores in Israel and abroad. Among our products, you can find rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and jewelry tailored to special occasions.


How do we create the perfect jewelry for you?
• We have a skilled team that specializes in setting diamonds and gemstones, 3D design and other jewelry works.
• We work with the highest quality raw materials, including diamonds and gold, carefully chosen for the benefit of our customers.

• All our jewelry is manufactured in our workshop without exception, in order to ensure that every customer and customer can receive the highest quality jewelry, with the highest level of finish.

An innovative shopping experience based on old techniques
As second-generation manufacturers of jewelry, and as those who know how to exploit the latest technologies in the field, we have developed a unique way by which we can tailor each and every customer to the jewelry according to their wishes and preferences. This way includes customer participation in the creation process, the use of the software and a 3D printer, and methods of foundry, forging and embedding, both old and antique. With all this, we can give maximum attention to every detail, small and large.

Our jewelry is no less than art!
Because jewelry plays such an important role in accompanying the happiest and most important moments of life, and they often symbolize the fulfillment of our deepest dreams (such as engagement, birth of children, happy anniversaries, etc.), we believe that behind every piece of jewelry we produce, Creative and original. We refer to every piece of jewelry that comes out of our workshop as an art in itself, a reference expressed in all stages of production.


We invite you to enjoy a unique shopping experience and courteous service, on the way to the jewelry you have always dreamed of. For more information, please contact us and one of we will be happy to assist you with love!

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